Top Best Clinics & Surgeons for Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Humans are subjected to a variety of forces originating in the world, and as we age, some elements of our bodies may be unable to withstand all of these pressures. Gravity, for example, makes us feel the weight of the planet on our shoulders and, at times, on our breasts.

So, both the natural and organic process of aging, as well as all of these gravitational factors, alter our appearance.

On the other hand, we may have some birth defects, and our breasts may lack the shape, size, and volume that we desire to appear more attractive. That is, we may be able to assist others in need. At that moment, Turkey will be the perfect destination for your trip, with fantastic possibilities such as all-inclusive package costs as cheap as $3800 and the great heritage of Istanbul!

To summarize, with clinics that are cleaned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, experienced surgeons will be the location to provide you with the satisfaction you have been seeking for a long time.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a treatment that uses an implant to contour the breast and make it larger. The treatment can also be used to reconstruct a breast after surgery.

This operation can be performed in a surgeon’s office-based surgical facility, an outpatient surgery center, a hospital outpatient, or a hospital inpatient in 1 or 2 hours. Meanwhile, depending on your specialty and health, you may be given general or local anesthesia.

On the other hand, there will be a small incision through which your surgeon will work, and the surgeon will then raise the breast tissue and skin.
To sum up, if you desire to have bigger breasts, you may consult a surgeon and may have the surgery.

Breast Augmentation Types:

Breast augmentation, commonly known as “boob job” by people, is increasing the volume of your breasts with breast implants or fat transfer. This operation can also help bring back breast density lost due to weight loss or childbirth, correct normal breast size imbalance, and produce a more curved breast contour.

  1. Breast Implants 

Breast implants are medical items that are surgically put beneath the breast tissue or the breast muscles to enhance boob size (expansion) or to restore bosom tissue that has been lost because of cancer or trauma, or that has struggled to grow normally likely to be attributed to a serious breast deformity.  They’re also employed in corrective operations, which aim to enhance or rectify the outcome of a previous procedure.

 Breast implants can be saline-filled or silicone gel-filled, and both are usually accepted. Both types have silicone casings on the exterior. Size, shell width, shell surface roughness, and form all vary.

  1. Fat transfer augmentation

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a medical technique in which a physician removes fat from one place of your body and utilizes it to enlarge your breasts. Liposuction will be used to extract the fat, which will then be injected into your chest.

A fat transfer breast augmentation produces a smaller improvement in breast size than most people think of when they think about breast enlargement. The effects, on the other hand, are quite pure and attractive to some people. A fat transfer breast augmentation is also intended to be a long-term surgery.

Best Breast Augmentation Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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breast augmentation surgery
breast augmentation surgery

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation might be a suitable option for everyone who is in suitable psychological and physiological condition.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, suffer from breast cancer or unusual mammograms, are unwell or have an infection, or have unreasonable hopes for post-surgical outcomes, you’re probably not an appropriate candidate for this operation. Also, you should not be smoking or consuming alcohol.

Even if most females are candidates for breast augmentation, it’s critical that you communicate with your doctor in an open and transparent way throughout your appointment. Although breast augmentation is not suitable for you, he or she may be able to suggest a different procedure to help you reach your cosmetic objectives.

Because each individual is different, you and your surgeon will make the final choice on whether or not to get a breast augmentation. You can acquire a genuine medical assessment regarding your case by consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

How much does breast augmentation cost in Turkey?

When it comes to getting a breast augmentation, Turkey is a highly cost-effective option. If you decide to get a breast augmentation in Turkey, it costs around 3800 dollars, which is far less than any other country in Europe, the United States, or Asia. You may be confident that with this low price, you will receive the highest quality service. The entire cost, however, may vary according to the hospital, the procedure employed, and the surgeon. Also, to avoid substantial harm, stay away from any clinic that is abnormally cheap.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Breast Augmentation In Turkey?

You may be asking if it's a smart idea to get a breast augmentation treatment in Turkey, especially if you're planning on getting one or just thinking about it. Yes, definitely! Turkey is one of the greatest options, if not the best, with the most effective surgeons and microbe-free clinics. Every year, tens of thousands of people fly there to have their breasts augmented, and they return to their home countries with a great smile on their faces.

How Long Does A Breast Augmentation Take In Turkey?

Breast augmentation operation typically takes 1 to 5 hours, depending on the type of operation. For this operation, the full recuperation time is roughly 6 weeks. After the operation, you must stay in Turkey for at least four days to conduct preliminary examinations and analyze the results. So, one week trip will be enough for you to get the surgery done.

Where Can You Get A Breast Augmentation In Turkey?

If you enjoy summer holidays, you may be familiar with the names of several cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. These cities, however, are more than just tourist destinations. You can also find the greatest breast augmentation clinics in the world. To conclude, if you are to get a cosmetic surgery in Turkey, just fly these cities!