Top Best Clinics & Surgeons for Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast reduction, commonly referred as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical technique that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin in order to create a breast size that is more in proportion to your body and to relieve the discomfort associated with overly big breasts.

If you lack confidence or self-esteem owing to the size of your breasts, breast reduction surgery may be the best option for you. In Istanbul, Turkey clinics, surgeons address a variety of disorders in order to restore your health and the dream physique you’ve desired for a long time.

And if you’re thinking about having breast reduction surgery in Turkey, we’d be delighted to assist you. We use cutting-edge technology to give you a second chance by shrinking your breasts. Please contact us!

The finest part is the pricing of all-inclusive packages. The average cost of a breast reduction in Istanbul, Turkey is $3500. When compared to the prices of European and American clinics, you will see that the fees for you are really reasonable.

What is breast reduction surgery?

breast reduction surgery
breast reduction surgery

Neck strain, headaches, hurting shoulders, low back discomfort, persistent infections under the breast fold, and other symptoms associated with big breasts are common in certain women.

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, can help you whether you want to relieve those problems or contour your breasts to make them more appealing to you. Breast reduction surgery, in fact, has one of the greatest satisfaction percentages of any cosmetic surgery technique. If you meet specific criteria, your health insurance may pay this operation.

The 3-4 hour procedure removes breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to create a breast size appropriate for your body, eliminating symptoms that cause pain and discomfort.

Recovery will take some time because it is a major treatment. For the days following the procedure, your doctor will prescribe pain medicines.

Breast Reduction Types:

Breasts that are excessively big might give women bodily and mental anguish. Breast reduction, also referred as reduction mammaplasty, is a treatment that involves removing extra breast fats, glandular tissues, and epidermis in order to obtain a boob size that is more in harmony with your physique and to relieve the pain that comes with having huge breasts (macromastia).

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is a less intrusive, faster method of reducing breast size that produces long-lasting effects with minimum scarring. If you want little to medium alterations in boob size, your breast material is largely fatty tissue, and you have decent skin suppleness, liposuction is a possibility.

Although liposuction reduces breast size, the general form and shape of the breast, especially the location of the areola and nipple, remains unchanged. There are some surgical treatments may be appropriate for you if you want a lift, a change in breast form, or harmony.

  1. Vertical (Lollipop) breast reduction

Two incisions are required for the lollipop breast reduction. One goes from the bottom part of the areola to the wrinkle under the breast, while the other extends from the top side of the areola to the wrinkle under the breast. Although this operation leaves greater bruising than liposuction, marks are hidden behind the breast and are usually hidden by clothes or the form of the breast.

A lateral cut breast reduction is suitable for people who need a mild to medium decrease in boob size, or for those who have evident drooping and want more substantial contouring and elevating of the breasts. The areola and nipple are repositioned to a natural appearing position after the breast is narrowed, elevated, and reconstructed.

  1. Inverted T (Anchor) breast reduction

The Inverted T breast reduction involves the exact two cuts as the straight incision boob job, plus a third cut that traces the fold beneath the breast. Although this approach will result in greater scarring, scars will be hidden by the contour of the breast, undergarments, and bathing suits.

An anchor breast reduction, also known as an inverted T breast reduction, leads to additional flesh excision and contouring. This treatment is therefore appropriate for people who have major drooping in their breasts or who require a large decrease in boob size. This strategy, unfortunately, necessitates the most downtime.

Best Breast Reduction Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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Who is a good candidate for breast reduction?

If the volume of your bosom concerns you, causes physical pain, or has a negative impact on your lifestyle, you may need to pursue breast reduction.

If you meet the following criteria, your surgeon may recommend breast reduction for you:

  • Your breasts are out of harmony to the rest of your physique.
  • One of the breasts is noticeably bigger than another.
  • You’re a male with a steady breast growth and a breast enlargement that hasn’t reacted to medicines.
  • Your overall health is ideal.
  • You set reasonable goals for development rather than greatness.
  • Overly big breasts cause you pain, back difficulties, and other medical conditions.
  • Using a wide-strapped bra for at least a year hasn’t helped.
  • Physical therapy has been ineffective for a minimum of six months.

This procedure is not recommended if you are expecting a baby, breastfeeding, or have just discontinued breastfeeding, have a background of inadequate healing process or a clotting condition, smoking, or are excessively overweight.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Turkey?

A breast reduction surgery in Turkey costs around $3450, with prices relying highly on physical traits and procedure area. Owing to its cheap prices, Turkey has become one of the most preferred spots for people wanting a breast reduction operation from all across the world. People who select Turkey take advantage of both low prices and excellent results, thanks to the skilled doctors who see more guests than their foreign rivals. So, be sure that you won’t regret your time in Turkey for a breast reduction surgery.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Breast Reduction In Turkey?

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular health tourism expertise among international patients. This technique is available at the majority of Turkish medical centers. Furthermore, breast reduction is represented in Turkey by the best facilities and doctors who have established themselves as world-class specialists in this field. So, it is a good idea to go to Turkey!

How Long Does A Breast Lift Reduction Take In Turkey?

Breast reduction surgery is a quick operation in the hands of a competent surgeon, of which there are many in Turkey. And, depending on the quantity of tissue removed during the breast reduction, the surgery can be estimated to take between 2 and 3 hours. On the other hand, you will be compelled to spend one or two nights in the hospital. So, a 3 or 4 night trip will be enough.

Where Can You Get A Breast Reduction In Turkey?

Turkey, as you may be aware, boasts a plethora of wonderful vacation spots. On the wide sandy beaches where the sun never sets, you will finally find the joy you've been looking for. It is, however, not a holiday, but rather a health concern. As a result, you should proceed with caution when choosing the best facility you can discover. To conclude, if you want to have a breast reduction surgery, you should go to Istanbul, Antalya, or Izmir because these three cities have the best facilities and the most successful doctors.