Top Best Clinics & Surgeons for Facelift Surgery in Turkey

The structure and shape of our face vary as we age due to normal age-related changes. Our skin loses elasticity and becomes looser, and fat deposits diminish in certain places of our face while increasing in others. Changes in facial area caused by aging that may be reduced with a facelift including Drooping cheeks, excess skin at the lower jawline, deepening of the skin fold from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth, sagging skin and excess fat in the neck.

So, the cosmetic surgical operation to give your face a younger appearance is a face-lift (rhytidectomy), which can eliminate drooping or folds of skin on the cheekbones and jawline, as well as other changes in the form of your cheeks that develop with ageing.

But, where to go?
At that moment, the surgeons and clinics in Turkey are so competent that you will be thrilled with both the inexpensive cost of all-inclusive packages and the world-class quality that they offer.

What is face lift surgery?


Face lift surgery, sometimes known as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess facial fat, tightening of facial muscles, and cutting or re-draping of facial skin to create the appearance of a smoother, tighter face. The procedure is carried out on either the face, the neck, or both.

The skin will be separated from the underlying fat and muscle in the area of the face or neck where the lift will be performed by the surgeon. After that, the fat is extracted. Sutures are used to raise the supporting fascial layers of the face and neck, and the skin is pulled back into place with any excess removed.

Facelift Surgery Types:

A facelift, sometimes called rhytidectomy, is a medical operation that improves and elevates the facial features. Extra skin is removed, wrinkles are smoothed out, and facial muscle is tightened during a facelift. It does not include a forehead or eye lift, however these procedures may be performed concurrently.

  1. Lower Facelift

A lower facelift concentrates on the areas beneath the sides of your lips. The nose and chin wrinkles, vertical lines, chin, under-chin region, cheeks, and neck are all altered. Softening age spots, improving the look of wrinkles around the lips, removing extra neck skin, and tightening and defining the excess skin of the jawbone and cheeks are the major aims of this kind of facelift.

To make it clearer, it can be said that a lower facelift focuses on treating drooping tissue and creases around the cheekbones and jawline, whereas a neck lift focuses on improving loose neck skin and a double chin.

  1. Mid Facelift

Patients who opt for lower eyelid operation generally receive a general anesthesia. The same may be said for a mid face lift, which combines lower and upper eyelid operations. Tiny cuts are created across your lower eyelash lines during lower eyelid operation. The doctor will next eliminate all of the extra fat that creates the eyebags, and your adjacent skin will be pulled to straighten it and ensure that the final outcome is as flawless as imaginable, letting you seem fresh and beautiful like never before. Of course, you should always conduct comprehensive research to locate the greatest surgeon.

  1. Upper Facelift

An upper facelift is recommended for patients who wish to enhance the appearance of their hairline, eyebrow, and upper eye region. The goal of this facelift is to reduce deep forehead creases and drooping brow regions. It’s vital to remember that an upper facelift, like any other facelift, isn’t intended to address fine wrinkles or uneven complexion. Other procedures they provide can tackle those problems, and they can be integrated into an improvement package that involves an upper facelift. Of course, always try to make a thorough research and find the best surgeon to have your upper facelift. 

  1. Complete facelift

A complete facelift, which combines an upper, middle, and lower facelift, is the most thorough facelift. This technique is appropriate for persons who have noticeable aging over their face and want to see significant changes. Because a combined facelift that includes all parts of the face usually results in significant changes and a more attractive look, people are often concerned that the procedure may appear artificial. Not only are good outcomes indicative of a good facelift, and so is the reality that no one can tell you’ve had one. So, there’s nothing to be afraid of a complete facelift. 

  1. Endoscopic facelift

Endoscopic facelifts are a type of moderately invasive facelift that is performed through a series of tiny cuts. Doctors can conceal these wounds so that facelift scars aren’t a problem. The doctor uses a miniature camera and tiny equipment that are placed via these tiny cuts to perform an endoscopic facelift. The endoscopic facelift procedure has the problem of being limited to particular parts of the face. For instance, if you desire a neck lift as part of your facelift, the endoscopic approach is unlikely to be the best option.

Best Face Lift Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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Who is a good candidate for face lift?

Any form of cosmetic procedures is still a risky procedure, so being in excellent health is beneficial. Because a facelift is an invasive surgical treatment that requires a long period of restoration and recuperation, the healthier you are, the greater the outcomes will be and the sooner you will be back out there living your life.

You should preferably have face skin that has preserved some suppleness and elasticity. When squeezed, your tissue should still be elastic and able to “return back.” If you smoke or have substantial sun exposure on your skin, these can all affect the ultimate outcome of your facelift.

It’s critical to comprehend the facelift’s potential to make us “appear youthful once more.” While a great facelift can take ten years off your look, it’s important to be realistic about the benefits and drawbacks of a facelift.
If you have skin flexibility, do not smoke, and have reasonable hopes, you are a good candidate.

How much does Face Lift cost in Turkey?

A facelift typically costs between $3,000 and $5,500, which includes anesthesia, a hospital fee, and a surgeon’s fee. A face lift will take longer and cost more if the patient’s skin is less flexible or has been subjected to years of excessive sun exposure. As a result, while there may be some minor variations in pricing, it is still quite reasonable to have surgery in Turkey. You should have approximately $4300 in your pocket.

Is Face Lift Good In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the prominent and successful countries in face lift operations thanks to the experienced doctors it has. On the other hand, the clinics in the country offer you the best pricing list you can find on earth. So, Turkey will be the best option for you to choose.

How Long Does A Face Lift Take In Turkey?

Face lift surgery generally treats drooping skin on the jawline and cheekbones; the incision for a facelift begins in front of the ear and extends past the ear lobe, which is why the operation is often referred to as a lower facelift. Furthermore, this surgical procedure takes approximately 2 hours and is conducted under general anesthesia. A facelift incision begins in front of the ear and extends behind the ear lobe.

Where Can You Get A Face Lift In Turkey?

There are many lovely cities in the country, but when it comes to health, it is preferable for everyone to take advantage of the opportunities in large and popular cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. So, it can be said that you should go for the biggest and the most modernized cities in Turkey to get the best results.