Top Best Clinics & Surgeons for Forehead Lift in Turkey

Larger brows might be attributed to heredity, hair loss, or other cosmetic operations. Whatever the cause, we occasionally wish to see hair on our scalp. So, at these periods, you may consider undergoing a cosmetic procedure known as a forehead lift.

This surgical technique, also known as hairline lowering surgery, can help balance your face’s proportions.

Nonetheless, you may have questions about where to travel and which clinic to choose for your operation. You will also want the clinic and doctor who are the ideal fit for you.

At this remarkable juncture, you should unquestionably seek out clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. Because they not only provide you with the best outcomes, but they also provide this miracle at very affordable prices when compared to European and American facilities. They even provide all-inclusive packages, which allow you to save even more money.

What is forehead lift surgery?


A forehead or brow lift is a cosmetic treatment that is most typically performed on people between the ages of 40 and 60 to reduce the visible signs of aging.

A brow lift can also improve the look of people of a certain age who have furrows or frown lines that have developed over time as a consequence of stress or muscular activity, or as a result of inherited abnormalities such as a low, heavy brow or furrowed lines above the nose. A brow lift can also help to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids.

Forehead Lift Types::

The tendons and tissues that create sagging brows, drooping lids, forehead wrinkles, and worry marks are removed or changed during a forehead lift. The operation can be done alone or in conjunction with other surgeries like a facelift, eyelid operations, or nose sculpting. It is normally performed as an outpatient procedure with no extended stay.

  1. The Classic Lift

The traditional lift, also known as an “open brow lift” or “coronal lift,” comprises a single uninterrupted cut over the crown of the skull from corner to corner. The doctor may suggest that the cut be made at the frontal hair line to fix a large forehead. You may need to cut your hair if it is too long and will get in the way of the treatment. If you have short hair, you may wish to grow it out to hide scars. All of this has to be cleared with your clinician.

  1. Endoscopic Lift

The surgeon does an endoscopic lift by making a few little cuts on the head. He or she puts a tool, which is a small tube coupled to a camera, into one of the holes to observe the structures and tendons on a monitor while making the appropriate adjustments with another gadget introduced into another cut. The muscle will be fastened underneath the head with a short- or long-term suture or pin during this surgery. For decades, those anchors will maintain the flesh under control. This treatment is less painful since the wounds are tiny. You will have less scars and a faster healing time.

  1. The Limited Incision.

The limited incision approach is a hybrid of the two others. Minimal cuts are done without the use of a camera. The operation does not repair creases in the middle of the face, but it does diminish creases on the sides. A limited incision forehead lift is a less painful way to improve the appearance of your forehead and brow. Reduced surgical time, thinner wounds, reduced head irritation, decreased chance of loss of hair, and quicker recuperation are all advantages of the limited incision forehead lift. The limited incision approach of aesthetic improvement of the forehead and eyebrows, which is suited to the majority of patients, is preferred by most cosmetic surgeons.

Best Forehead Lift Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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Who is a good candidate for forehead lift?

Forehead lifts often are typically performed on adults in their 40s and 60s who want to slow down the physical signs of aging.

A forehead lift can elevate innately lowered eyebrows that give the face a sorrowful aspect in younger individuals. The forehead lift is a cosmetic operation for persons whose eyebrows are so low that they obstruct their higher range of vision.

Anyone who possesses one or more of the following facial traits is a viable person for a forehead lift:

  • drooping eyebrows
  • Skin that falls from the edge of the eyelids.
  • Wrinkles on the forehead that run horizontally
  • A nose that is not working properly

A forehead lift can also help to eliminate significant ditches between the eyes.

Note that for any kind of surgery, you should have realistic goals for it and comprehend what it can and cannot accomplish. Also, you should be in good physical and mental condition.

How much does Forehead Lift cost in Turkey?

In Turkey, the average cost of a forehead lift is $2,450. This typical cost includes anesthesia, operating room accommodations, and other relevant fees in addition to the overall price. Nonetheless, you should check with your plastic surgeon’s office to establish your ultimate charge.

The charge for forehead lift surgery will be determined by the surgeon’s experience, the type of technique done, and the geographic location of the facility. As a result, there may be some minor fluctuations in the pricing.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Forehead Lift In Turkey?

A forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, rejuvenates the face above the eyes to restore a more revitalized appearance that more accurately reflects the patient's natural vibrancy. As you can see, it will provide you with radical opportunities in a matter of hours. Thus, Turkey would be the best option for you to select because with hospitals adorned with cutting-edge technology, prices that are reasonable, doctors with extensive experience, and additional services.

How Long Does A Forehead Lift Take In Turkey?

Depending on the type of operation, forehead lift surgery might take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. The total recovery time for this operation is approximately 6 or 7 weeks. You must stay in Turkey for at least four days following the operation to undertake preliminary examinations and study the outcomes. So, a one-week journey will suffice to complete the surgery.

Where Can You Get A Forehead Lift In Turkey?

If you want to achieve the greatest results, you should visit Turkey's largest or most populous cities. The country does have a lot of beautiful cities, but when it comes to health, it is best for everyone to use their opportunities in big and popular cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir.