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Fat cells grow in size and volume as you acquire weight. Liposuction, in turn, reduces the amount of fat cells in a certain location. The amount of fat eliminated is determined by the appearance of the area as well as the volume of fat. The contour changes that follow are usually permanent.

Additionally, the technique can be used to remove fat from the upper arms, buttocks, calves and ankles, chest and back, hips and thighs, only chin, and only neck.

There may be a general picture in your mind about what liposuction is. Nevertheless, you may still have other kinds of questions waiting for you to find answers.

For instance, you may have some hesitations about which clinics to go to.
If you have, you are about to find the answer. The answer is the clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. They not only give you the best results, but they also give you this wonder at very low pricing when compared to European and American institutions. They even offer all-inclusive packages to help you save even more money.

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What is liposuction?

liposuction surgery
liposuction surgery

Liposuction is a suction-based fat-removal technique. It can alter body form and contour, but it is not a substitute for weight loss. It can also be utilized to get rid of stubborn fat around the thighs, stomach, upper arms, buttocks, and waistline that is resistant to diets and exercise.

There are mainly four types of it;

First type is the tumescent technique which entails injecting a significant volume of a medicinal solution into a fatty area. The medical treatment consists of a mix of medications that numb the area while also shrinking the capillaries and preventing blood loss. Following that, a tube attached to a vacuum is placed into the fat to be treated. After that, the fat is taken out.

Lipoplasty with ultrasound help is the second type. In ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, a special tube that creates ultrasonic energy is used. The ultrasonic energy ruptures the fat cell membranes, causing them to dissolve. The fat is then suctioned out.

Laser-assisted lipoplasty is the third type. Liposuction is aided by lasers by heating fat and making it easier to remove. It decreases bruising and accelerates recovery.

The final type is power-assisted liposuction. A tool on the suction device’s edge aids in slicing through to the fat, making it easier to eliminate.

Liposuction Types: 

Liposuction is a cosmetic operation that is performed to remove excess body fat. It entails sucking away little regions of fat that are difficult to remove with exercising and a good diet. It is performed on parts of the body where fat deposits tend to accumulate, such as the butt, lower body, hips, and stomach.

  • Tumescent liposuction. 

If you are interested in tumescent liposuction, you will first consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to evaluate about aesthetic goals and measure if tumescent liposuction is the best choice for you. The surgeon will then inspect your body and the regions you want reshaped. After the first day, the specialists will inject a solution comprising a local anesthetic and the chemical epinephrine into the locations of excess fatty deposits that have been identified. The fluid fills the inner layer of the skin, the fatty part, causing it to enlarge and tighten up; the surgeon will then begin contouring the area.

  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL). 

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, or UAL, is a form of liposuction used to remove fat from difficult-to-treat areas such as the face, chin, cheekbones, knees, calf, and ankles. It is most appropriate for those who require more accurate body contouring during tumescent liposculpture. However, while UAL is a more accurate version of liposuction, there are a few drawbacks to this cosmetic technique. For starters, scarring is more likely than with SAL. Skin loss, intestinal holes, and nerve injury are all possible outcomes. As with any sort of surgery, there is a danger of infection. Nonetheless, there is no reason to be depressed because technology has solved all of these problems during the last decade.

  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL).

If you have complaints about localized fats despite the fact that you appear fit, or if you want a change that will help you lose weight, you can advantage from of the laser liposuction method, which is utilized all over the globe. Laser liposuction can be used to treat regional lipoidosis ranging from double chins to hips, abdominal areas to arms. Depending on the type of operation and the anesthesia used, you can leave the hospital the same day or one day later, so you can return to work in two days or one week, depending on the treatment. Finally, there is no noticeable pain after the operation, and medicines will soothe you.

  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL).

PAL makes use of a power-assisted cannula, which rotates back and forth while the plastic surgeon carefully guides it around the treatment area. The advantages of this one-of-a-kind approach are as follows:

  • There will be less tissue stress, edema, and bruising.
  • Improved pinpoint accuracy and control for better body contouring.
  • Recovery times are shorter.
  • Quality care and convenience have been improved.

So, if you have resistant pockets of fat in your tummy, thighs, love handles, buttocks, calves, shoulder, biceps, chest, virtually everywhere on your body with decent skin quality and elasticity. PAL lipo-contouring is also a good alternative for people who need spot or touch-up treatments to repair contour flaws caused by a previous, ineffective fat reduction surgery.

Best Liposuction Lift Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates extra fat from layers between the skin and muscle. It may be done on the external and internal thighs, buttocks, waist, forearms, neck, and other body parts.

Liposuction is especially suited for people who are not obese but have a troublesome region and wish to change their appearance.

Liposuction would not be an obesity therapy, and it won’t get rid of cellulite or stretch marks. The procedure irreversibly eliminates excess fat and can change the form of the physique. It’s crucial to note, too, that as successful as liposuction can be, the benefits may not persist if you gain weight afterward.

If you want greater shape or a slimmer profile in some regions of your physique, have localized fat deposits that are unequal to the rest of your body, have realistic expectations, are in excellent overall condition, and do not smoke, you are a suitable candidate for liposuction.

How much does Liposuction cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a liposuction surgery in Turkey is $2700. This average price is not merely a proportion of the entire cost; it also includes anesthesia, operating room comforts, and other expenses. To find out how much your procedure will cost, please contact your cosmetic surgeon’s office.

The cost of liposuction will be determined by the physician’s experience, the type of surgery conducted, the physical location of the facility, and, finally, your specific demands.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Liposuction In Turkey?

The ability and expertise of the operating surgeon have a significant impact on the outcomes of liposuction surgery. As a result of the country's highly qualified specialists and cutting-edge technologies, liposuction in Turkey will be a brilliant option for both men and women seeking the best shape. To summarize, if you want the greatest results, you should absolutely choose Turkey as a location!

How Long Does A Liposuction Take In Turkey?

Liposuction is a surgical technique that simply improves body contour by removing fat with sophisticated medical tools, and it is a quick process to finish. However, there will be one night rest in the hospital and four nights in a hotel or a home. So, in order for you to achieve the best outcomes, this must be a week-long excursion.

Where Can You Get A Liposuction In Turkey?

If you prefer summer vacations in abroad, you may be familiar with the names of various Turkish cities, including Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. These cities, on the other hand, are more than just tourist attractions. There are also the best clinics in the world. Finally, if you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially a liposuction, in Turkey, just fly to these cities!