Top Best Clinics & Surgeons for Penis Enlargement in Turkey

If you are apprehensive about the width and length of your penis, contact your doctor. They may be able to propose nonsurgical treatments that can help you achieve your goals.

Nevertheless, the concrete solution is to have a penis enlargement surgery. There are several ways of enlarging penis to satisfy you and your partner.

However, you may still have concerns regarding the operation and, more significantly, the clinic to which you will travel. You may even want to be far away from the eyes.

So, this may be the turning point in your life because you are about to discover Turkey’s magical atmosphere.

The clinics in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, allow you to select one of several packages that best suit your needs. For example, you may select an all-inclusive plan and pay around $4600.

To summarize, if you want to be away from curious eyes, go to Turkey and rely on the clinics in Istanbul. You will be delighted!

What is penis enlargement surgery?

penis enlargement surgery
penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement, commonly known as penile augmentation, is a cosmetic surgery treatment that increases the size, length, or circumference of the penis permanently. Penile enlargement may be pursued by males for a variety of reasons, including physical and psychological gratification.

As a result, the most frequent surgical procedure used by surgeons for lengthening the penis is to remove the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone and transfer skin from the belly to the penile shaft. When this ligament is severed, more of the penis slips down, giving the penis the appearance of being longer. In addition, removing the supraspinatus ligament is occasionally combined with other surgeries, such as reducing excess fat above the pelvic bone.

Furthermore, some fat is carried to the target location in some situations to boost the illusion of size and volume. As a result, if you want a concrete way to have a larger penis, you might consider obtaining penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Types: 

Penis enlargement surgery, also known as penoplasty or penile augmentation, is a plastic surgical treatment that permanently increases the size, length, or girth of the penis. Men may seek penile enlargement for a variety of reasons, including both physical and psychological gratification. Here is the types of it. 

  • Fat transfer

The penile area will be washed and numbed with a topical anesthetic on the day of the surgery. The initial phase of the surgery will be liposuction, which can be done with either general or local anesthetic on the patient. Around the area where the fat will be removed, very small incisions will be made. A cannula will be placed via these incisions to gently loosen, remove, and suction fat from the area. When all of the fat has been removed, it will be cleaned and transported to the penis.

  • Suspensory ligament division

Suspensory ligament division surgery, also known as ligamentolysis, allows the floppy penis to seem longer by severing the suspensory ligament. The penis-pubic bone ligament connects the penis to the pubic bone. The surgeon will sever this ligament and transport skin from the midsection to the shaft of the penis during the treatment. Even though this causes the floppy penis to dangle lower, it has no effect on its size. Other operations, such as reducing fat from the area surrounding the penis, may be suggested by the surgeon. This causes the penis to appear larger, but it has no effect on its length.

Best Penis Enlargement Clinics and Surgeons in Turkey

1. Dr. Bayer Clinics


2. Dr. Tayfun Türkaslan

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Who is a good candidate for penis enlargement surgery?

You will have a lengthy discussion with your surgeon before beginning any penis enlargement procedure to see if you’re a suitable candidate.

Patients who have reasonable expectations of what may be accomplished report high levels of happiness with their penile augmentation procedure. In contrast, if your aspirations are not in line with what is medically possible, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the outcomes.

On average, physicians will only treat adult males with a penis augmentation procedure.

In the first visit, your surgeon will check you to see if you have any medical or anatomical difficulties that would signal that you are not a suitable candidate for the procedure. Overall condition, BMI levels, penis morphology, and previous medical history are among them. The evaluation will also assist the doctor in determining the appropriate treatment choice for your particular situation.

How much does Penis Enlargement Surgery cost in Turkey?

Turkey is setting the standard for successful genital aesthetic operations. Because of the process employed by qualified doctors who are experienced and among the finest aesthetic surgeons on this subject, both elongation and thickening can be achieved without severing the penile suspensory ligaments. The cost of penile enlargement surgery, on the other hand, is $4100 all-in. Furthermore, there is no need to pay a deposit prior to the operation. Discounts are given when conducted in conjunction with other operations. There are no hidden fees.

Is It A Good Idea To Get A Penis Enlargement Surgery In Turkey?

If you are concerned about your penis, you should be more cautious. Because this operation has the potential to permanently alter your life. So, you should travel to Turkey, particularly to Istanbul, and choose a successful doctor who will later serve as your surgeon. To summarize, Turkey is one of the greatest places to visit, with all of these clinics, knowledgeable doctors, and reasonable pricing.

How Long Does A Penis Enlargement Surgery Take In Turkey?

Although penis enlargement surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure, most doctors recommend you to stay overnight. Depending on the method and approach used, the medical process could last 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Also, keep in mind that medical treatment is often administered under general or sedation anesthesia, so there will be a period of time when you will be able to think clearly again.

Where Can You Get A Penis Enlargement Surgery In Turkey?

According to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, more than 1 million inbound clients from all over the world choose Turkey each year for a variety of clinical benefits. Penis enlargement is also becoming more common in Turkey. Yet, if you are asking which city or cities to go for, here is the answer for you! To get the best results, choose the largest and most sophisticated cities in Turkey, which are Istanbul, Antalya, and lastly Izmir.